Zandvoort 22 June

It’s been a long road to building the new race car. 22 June was the first opportunity for Brick Autosport to participate in a race. With a new car its always exiting to see how it will react and preform.

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Zolder 2013

Once a year Brick Autosport is invited to race on the beautiful track of Zolder. We never miss it and this year we came prepared! Extra support from Bart Manders Racing and family and friends and fans where at the track to see the race.

On the way to the race track (yes Boris still takes the race car on the streets to the race track!) the car started to overheat a little. It was over 30 degrees in the car and it was a hot day so it was not strange. The day before the race the car passed inspection and it was time to hit the sheets early for the race.

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Open pitlane op Zandvoort

Afgelopen zondag was er een open pitlane op Zandvoort. Mooi moment om even gezellig met andere race auto’s het asfalt op te zoeken en lekker rondjes te rijden.

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