March 14 First test session at Zandvoort

The season of 2014 was not successful. The new build car had some major issues when it first went on the track. The last few months where used to make some improvements on the car that would hopefully resolve the issues of the car stop running after about 2 fast laps on the track.

After a long winter working March 14 was the first tryout of 2015. We went early and brought allot of spare parts. We were guessing to do a series of laps and then go in the pits to resolve more issues that we might encounter.

However the car turned out to be working great, so we spend the whole day racing and having just a great time without fellow racers. It would have been perfect if not the last ten minutes late in the afternoon the fuel pump decided to die on us. Still we are very much pleased with the result of our little 360 now working as we want it. Looking so much forward for the start of a new season.

See you at the tracks!