Zolder 2013

Once a year Brick Autosport is invited to race on the beautiful track of Zolder. We never miss it and this year we came prepared! Extra support from Bart Manders Racing and family and friends and fans where at the track to see the race.

On the way to the race track (yes Boris still takes the race car on the streets to the race track!) the car started to overheat a little. It was over 30 degrees in the car and it was a hot day so it was not strange. The day before the race the car passed inspection and it was time to hit the sheets early for the race.

The first practice session was cut short for Brick Autosport because the car would almost stall in fast right hand corners. Quickly Bart & Boris began looking in the electronics and  found that the heater switch had shorted out causing the problem.

Time for qualifying, the car was going fast and Boris was happy with the car but then.. the car started overheating. Not looking to cook the engine for qualifying again the session was cut short to look for the problem. Only 3 laps where done but Brick Autosport ended on the 6th position!

First race started on the 6th position. Good start and the race car was going good but again.. engine started overheating. Boris decided that cutting a race short is silly so went for it. No position should be lost so he kept the pressure on but wont taking it a 100%.

Apart from the cooking engine it was going well! The second race Boris was on the 3th place because of the switching of the field. First time change to take the podium, Boris was really exited but scared for the overheating.

Last race of the day, all or nothing no cooking engine was going to stop Boris from giving its best. Boris had a good start and holds it ground, then disaster struck. The second corner in the first lap Maarten Kreuger hit his brakes out of nowhere. Being surrounded with other cars Boris had to make the call, take out somebody on the side to avoid collision or hit the braking Maarten Kreuger in-front of him He choose the last and both spun off the track loosing many places.

Boris was not amused, not knowing the damage Boris was not going to give up. He went all out, engine turning hot real quick. It got so hot in the passenger room of the car the floors where cooking too. Not good but giving up now was not a option. Fighting with the guest racer Jaco Bijlsma, Boris was still enjoying himself regardless of the state of the car.

Then it was just all too much and the second to last corner of the race the brakes went out and Boris span off having to give up his position to the Jaco Bijlsma ending him on the 8th position.

Bart and Boris looked at the brakes, the new pads where completely¬† shattered and one of the pistons went out so far the caliper started leaking, It’s a amazing Boris was able to finish the race with such faded brakes! Cosmetically the bumper bent to no return, broken grill,bent hood and broken radiator! No bending to the chassis at all so that would be a quick fix.

Allot went wrong, but still Brick Autosport put down some good results they can be proud of considering the circumstances.